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Downey Farm

Chip Trail
The Chip Trail

Welcome to Downey Farm!

Harrison School of Horsemanship is located at Downey Farm, 809 Downey Road in North Saanich.

The facility is located on 20 picturesque acres owned by Mark and Iris Benson.  There are two riding rings, a 20 x 40 meter indoor ring with sand footing and a 20 x 60 meter outdoor ring with hog fuel footing.

The school barn is located just behind the indoor ring and is shown as "E" in the photo below.  Each of the 4 stalls in the barn has a walk out stall to a large paddock and then to an individual pasture so the horses can go in and out of their stall, at will, 24 hrs of the day.

A "Chip Trail" starts just off the front corner of the indoor ring and winds through the trees, circling back to the start so it's a great way to cool down your horse after a ride or just go for a nice trail ride.

Parking:  Once you enter the property be sure to check the driveway for oncoming traffic as it's a one way road.  There is a gravelled pull out at the start of the driveway where you can wait for oncoming traffic, the same is true for the parking lot end of the driveway.  Do not, for any reason, drive anywhere on the grass alongside the driveway, or pull over on to the grass to allow another vehicle to pass.  If you do happen to meet another vehicle, back up until you get to the pull out.  As always drive very slowly, under 10 kms.  It's a long driveway and feels like it takes a long time to get to the parking lot, but the slow speed keeps kids, horses and their handlers safe.

Main barn
The Main Barn

The School Barn in October
The school barn in October