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Horsemanship Level I
 Contact Kathy by phone at 250-544-0737 or email to indicate your interest.

In this course, you will learn how horses think, how they communicate, and why they behave as they do. You will get extensive practical experience applying this knowledge.  In Horsemanship Level 1 you will:

  • learn to understand and apply horse psychology to develop better relationships with horses
  • obtain tools to develop a deeper mutual trust, understanding, and respect
  • learn to understand what horses are "saying" to you through their body language
  • learn how to gain your horse's trust and repect and modify undesirable behaviours
  • learn how and when to apply pressure and release techniques
  • improve your confidence in being around and riding horses


Sounds simple, doesn't it?  And rather obvious.  But not fully understanding this simple and obvious fact is what gets many of us into difficulties with the horses in our lives.  Sometimes we expect much more from our horses than they are able to give.  And sometimes we expect much less than they should be giving.  Sometimes we expect that our horses will understand us like another person.  And sometimes we treat our horses as if they are people. All this is perfectly understandable - after all, it's just human nature.  But to have the most successful relationships with our horses we need to accept that simple and obvious fact that they can only ever be horses, and we must treat them that way.  This is where our Horsemanship Level 1 course comes in.

Who can benefit from Horsemanship Level 1?  Should you take this course?

If you love horses and want to get involved but have no idea where to start, Horsemanship Level 1 is the right place.  It will provide a solid foundation for whatever comes after.

If you are a beginner or novice, Horsemanship Level 1 will enhance what you have learned so far and will give you tools to be more confident and to accelerate your rate of learning in the future.

If you have more experience, but want to develop a deeper trust and understanding of your horse, then Horsemanship Level 1 is perfect for you.

To ensure that each student receives the personal attention and instruction they need, this course has a very limited enrolment.  If you need more information, or to register, act now! 

Gloves are required and hard hats must be worn by junior participants.

"We had a wonderful time Saturday, I learned a lot in that walk around the ring!"