Adult Beginner Lessons

Adult Beginner Riding Lessons

If you have little or no experience with horses it’s never too late to start!  Adult beginner riding lessons are designed to help those who have little to no experience. You”ll receive lots of individual attention, working one on one with your instructor.  Lessons are one hour in length and are focused on  ground work and riding skills.

Beginners Have An Advantage

It’s true!  You start with a clean slate – no need to overcome old, ingrained habits. Lessons are tailored to meet your needs. You progress at your own rate.  My horses and I have developed a great partnership over the years. They are excellent schoolmasters for all levels of riders.

Ground Work

The term “ground work” describes all activities done with the horse when not riding.  You will learn how to catch, lead, groom, tack up and safely handle your horse from the ground.  You will also gain valuable insight on equine behaviour and psychology.  You will learn how to apply this knowledge to develop a trusting and harmonious relationship between you and your horse.

Riding Skills

All beginner level riders are started on the longe line so I have control of the horse.  You will learn how to ask the horse to walk, trot, halt and change from one gait, or pace, to the other.  As you gain knowledge and skill you will be turned off the longe line, first at the walk, then at the trot.

Once you are able to safely and confidently groom and tack up your horse, you are required to arrive 30 minutes before the start of your lesson to get your horse ready for your ride.  At this time lessons are 45 minutes in length and consist mainly of riding skills.  However, arrangements can be made to delve more deeply into ground work and round penning should you like to continue in that area.

Required Equipment

A riding helmet, boots and crop are required. Greenhawk Harness & Equestrian Supplies, 7154 West Saanich Road, Brentwood Bay, has an excellent deal on a “Back To Lessons” package.

Sign Up For A One Month Trial Period

Each new student has the option of taking a one month trial before committing to a regular lesson program.  For more information, or to book your one month trial, contact Kathy at

“Thank you so much Kathy!  You were a godsend allowing me the opportunity and joy to ride again!  You are so gifted in your knowledge and understanding of horses – I was very aware of being taught by a ‘master’ during every lesson!”

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